He said what?! Misquoting Einstein

It was Carl Jung who first posited the existence of psychological archetypes, innate elements of our collective unconscious that are so fundamental to the human mind, they are manifest in all cultures and… Continue reading

Is Conscious Uncoupling Paleo?

I haven’t always disliked Coldplay as much as I do now. At one time, there was an authenticity to their music. Even though they were complacent residents of the suburban front garden of… Continue reading

Sneak Preview from an upcoming post: Do you believe in life after WiFi?

Inka Trailblazing – Part 1: Lima, Peru

Growing up under the suffocating damp cloth that we English refer to as ‘the sky’, the first thing that struck me as we lay foot in Peru was the sheer expansiveness of the… Continue reading

Real Men are Post-Modern! Is there a crisis of masculinity?

I suppose I began to notice it a few years ago. I’m not sure if it was the increasing number of Fight Club quotes posted on facebook, by friends still clinging to the… Continue reading

Stockholm Syndrome: Learning to Love London

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” as Samuel Johnson famously once remarked. The underlying implication of this quote is that if one is not truly and utterly… Continue reading

The Ninja Cats of Lake Titicaca

By far the most interesting thing we found to do on the Uros island of Khantati, was to document the clandestine morning antics of the resident Ninja Cats. During the twilight hours, whilst… Continue reading

20 Photos from the Original ‘New’ York

Before there was New York, there was old New York, or just York as the terse inhabitants of Yorkshire like to call it. Despite being known for their laconic wit and brevity (they… Continue reading

“We are not our thoughts, we are the relationship that we have with our thoughts”

Boats against the Current – 1920s Fashion Party

1920s Fashion Party Last weekend Yana and I hopped on the Silver Sturgeon and cruised the Thames for a 1920s Fashion Party. At first the resplendent 1920s fashion and regalia seemed an awkward… Continue reading