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Inka Trailblazing – Part 1: Lima, Peru

Growing up under the suffocating damp cloth that we English refer to as ‘the sky’, the first thing that struck me as we lay foot in Peru was the sheer expansiveness of the… Continue reading

The Ninja Cats of Lake Titicaca

By far the most interesting thing we found to do on the Uros island of Khantati, was to document the clandestine morning antics of the resident Ninja Cats. During the twilight hours, whilst… Continue reading

20 Photos from the Original ‘New’ York

Before there was New York, there was old New York, or just York as the terse inhabitants of Yorkshire like to call it. Despite being known for their laconic wit and brevity (they… Continue reading

Weekend in Porto, Portugal. Photo Gallery!

A choice selection of tantalising photos from our weekend in Porto, Portugal. Read the full post here, for my romantic ramblings on the beguiling city. If you like what you see and would… Continue reading

High Spirits! Long Weekend in Porto, Portugal

Weekend in Porto, Portugal As I get older, the things that I find beautiful are the things that are flawed, aged, distressed by life, traumatised by the elements. I used to be beguiled… Continue reading

Spaghetti Eastern: Japan and the Wilde West

Stream of conciousness essay, comparing English and Japanese culture. I wrote this nearly 6 years ago, after waking up in the middle of the night, drowning in a sweat of sentences that needed… Continue reading

The White Cliffs of Do… Dorset? Photo Gallery from upcoming post.

High Spirits in Porto! Sneak Peek from an upcoming post

A funky little GIF I made for an upcoming post about our Port infused trip to Porto. I may get a little romantic in this post, but tha’ts just because Porto in the… Continue reading

Dom Luis I Bridge in Porto, Portugal

An old photo I found of the Dom Luis I Bridge in Porto, Portugal. This Bridge is actually blue in really life, but the light gives it a wonderful golden glow. Shot in… Continue reading

Inka Trailblazing – Following the Gringo Trail in Peru

Finally got round to sharing a small sample of the 2000 photos we took in Peru, hope you enjoy them, blog post about our travels to follow shortly!