Relax everyone, summer may be over, but Autumn is beginning to fall…

Like a monkey with a gun, scientific knowledge in an untrained mind can be dangerous.

Am I the only one getting sick of these generic blog post formats?

Wilde on Women

Problems are a sign of life

Top 11 Witty quotes from the late, great, Robin Williams

Like millions of people around the world, it was a real punch to the gut to hear of Robin Williams taking his own life on Monday evening. He was a firework of a… Continue reading

Weekend in Porto, Portugal. Photo Gallery!

A choice selection of tantalising photos from our weekend in Porto, Portugal. Read the full post here, for my romantic ramblings on the beguiling city. If you like what you see and would… Continue reading

High Spirits! Long Weekend in Porto, Portugal

Weekend in Porto, Portugal As I get older, the things that I find beautiful are the things that are flawed, aged, distressed by life, traumatised by the elements. I used to be beguiled… Continue reading

O’ Captain, My Captain! Rest in Peace, Robin Williams 1951 – 2014

A firework of a man has gone out & the world truly feels darker today. What light! What energy! What sadness… Sometimes the brightest lights cast the darkest shadows. A candle has gone… Continue reading

Ignorance is sometimes more than bliss.