For all you fans of Sci-Fi, Back to the Future and The Terminator…

Check out this really cool T-Shirt design. Okay, I admit it I’m a nerd for pop-culture mash ups. Call it my post-modern, bricolage of a childhood, but I love it, really funky and… Continue reading

The secret to happiness according to Monty Python…

Is to wear more hats!

Spaghetti Eastern: Japan and the Wilde West

Stream of conciousness essay, comparing English and Japanese culture. I wrote this nearly 6 years ago, after waking up in the middle of the night, drowning in a sweat of sentences that needed… Continue reading

Not everything in life is anti-climatic…

Daily Quote by a bloke from Stoke

The White Cliffs of Do… Dorset? Photo Gallery from upcoming post.

To all the writing perfectionists …

Originally posted on Susan Lattwein:
I’m following on from my previous post, Why I Write, and promise this will be one minute and fifty-four seconds well spent. The YouTube clip I’m recommending is…

High Spirits in Porto! Sneak Peek from an upcoming post

A funky little GIF I made for an upcoming post about our Port infused trip to Porto. I may get a little romantic in this post, but tha’ts just because Porto in the… Continue reading

Dom Luis I Bridge in Porto, Portugal

An old photo I found of the Dom Luis I Bridge in Porto, Portugal. This Bridge is actually blue in really life, but the light gives it a wonderful golden glow. Shot in… Continue reading

Daily Quote: the map is not the territory