Daily Quote: Cause even deities need a laugh.

As a British citizen, I would like to wish happy independence day to all my American friends. It was sad when we released you back into the wild, kids they grow up so fast.

Is science for girls? A thought provoking ad showing the power that subtle messages have on our childrens’ identities, dreams and ambitions.

As humans we naturally define our perceptions of ourselves by the perceptions that others have of us. But are we also influencing the identities of others in ways we aren’t aware of?

Ladies and Gentlemen… the Beetles… of South America

Daily Quote: American Marxism

WiFight it? Does WiFi connection, disconnect us from experience?

You can’t see it, yet it is always there. You cannot touch it, yet it permeates every facet of your day to day life. It gives people meaning in their lives, it binds… Continue reading

Daily Quote: Get rich or die trying?

Random things about life (that are supposed to be deep)

Often the profound can be found in the absurd!

Update – About me section. Finally got around to writing the about me section. Man I hate these things, but hopefully it will give some context to my online rambles.

I’ll admit right away that I dread writing these things. It seems kinda of redundant as the whole blog is somewhat narcissistically about me, my thoughts, opinions, values, humour and aesthetic sense. In… Continue reading

Why English is the most difficult langauge to learn!

As a native speaker, I’m so glad I never had to ‘learn’ English. I think I will stick to simple languages like Japanese! Can you read it out loud all the way to… Continue reading