Daily Quote: Because irony makes everything okay.

My writing process

Ditto – sometimes writing can feel like offering a sacrifice to a maleficent God in my head.

Comedy is what you have when you’ve got intelligence left to burn – RIP Rik Mayall 1958-2014

Daily Quote: I have my doubts about this…

Daily Quote: Solipsism is sexy!

Oscillate Wildly – Dairy Entry from Japan, Christmas Eve 2008

An old diary entry that I wrote when I was fumbling around Japan (and late adolescence) in 2008. I was reading a lot of Wilde at the time and after a particularity Wildean,… Continue reading

Something a little bird once told me…

Daily Quote: Because even the saccharin dirge of teenage vampire drama can sometimes be witty.

Credit where credit is, due this one is worthy of Wilde or Shaw.

Quote of the day – Cause jokes don’t have to make any sense.


Bob Dylan: Tom Thumb’s Blues

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http:// Embed from Getty Images #2639080 / gettyimages.com All’s Well That Begins And Ends Well A record exists between two silences. The silence before the song starts…