I’ll admit right away that I dread writing these things. It seems kinda redundant as the whole blog is somewhat narcissistically about me, my thoughts, opinions, values, humour and aesthetic sense. In this age of selfies, facebook updates, and youtube videos the whole web is ‘about me’. As such, Youtube should really be called for what it is ‘metube’, and selfie era facebook as ‘face’-book.

Like a poet, or a painter, I think you learn more about someone not by how they depict themselves, which is always a creation of other peoples opinions of them anyway, but by how they depict the world around them. But I’m getting too philosophical now, so I guess that’s one concrete thing you can learn about me, I’m quite philosophical.

In keeping with this philosophy of external projections of the self, the blog is called The Spice Rack because unlike foods, which you can devour by themselves, spices are never the main part of a meal, they are what you add to recipes to bring out new dimensions, interpretations and flavours. So this blog is not about me, and this about me is not about me, per se, however I or ‘me’ is infused in every post, comment and quote, hoping to elicit new dimensions, angles and interpretation. Please feel free to bring your own spices to the mix, it makes the recipe richer, like curry and I love curry 🙂

……… Okay, so I know I won’t get away with such an evasive about me section so here’s the dirt…

I’m Alex Moss a PhD Student, originally from England but now living in London. I’m currently between unemployment and my background is more akin to Rorschach test than anything else. I studied computer science then music technology, before proceeding to Modern Japanese studies, and now Science Education. I spent a considerable amount of time rambling around Japan dressed as a cowboy and talking to homeless people before ending up at the University of Oxford and meeting the love of my life, and many others’ lives as well (because love is seldom straight forward).

My Oxfordian sweet heart Yana now lives with me in London, and also contributes to this blog. But like Francis Urquhart (or Frank Underwood depending on your hipster status) from House of Cards, she mainly exerts her clandestine influence between the lines, and from the shadows. You don’t know when she’s here, but you will notice when she’s not, mainly because I will just post about Bob Dylan everyday, before someone finally captures me and puts me in a padded cell.

I’m quite sarcastic, and even though I am aware it’s the lowest form of wit, I also consider it to be the highest form of violence. So my exquisitely violent posts may not chime with the platitudinous , ‘the world is wonderful and beautiful and instagrammable’ posts that you will find on most blogs. After all this blog is ‘The Spice Rack’ not the ‘Artificial Sweetener Rack’.

For the sake of brevity I’ve written a short profile of the most important ‘me’ categories:

Name: Alexander Charles Moss

Age: 25

Religion: Misanthropic Humanist

Political Affiliation: Politics is show business for ugly people

Favourite Colour: Ultraviolet, because you can wear it with anything 🙂

Favourite Music: Bob Dylan, followed distantly by The Smiths

Favourite Movie: Impossible to answer, but at the moment it’s Withnail and I or Dr Strangelove

Favourite Book: The Bible, or God’s Blog as I like to think of it. Everyone needs a good laugh now and then.

How would you describe yourself in one word?: Verbose Sesquipedalian.