20 Photos from the Original ‘New’ York

Before there was New York, there was old New York, or just York as the terse inhabitants of Yorkshire like to call it. Despite being known for their laconic wit and brevity (they even got rid of the superfluous word ‘the’), the city of York is an intricate warren of medieval streets, adourned with quaint Tudor architecture and imposing Gothic spires.

Home to most of the weird accents you know from Game of Thrones, throughout history the Ancient ‘Capital of the North’, has been seized by the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons, the Danes, the Vikings and now, just like New York,  the Hipsters.

(Or as York natives would say it, ‘has been seized by the t’Romans, t’Anglo-Saxons, t’Danes, t’Vikings and now, like New York, t’shandy addled Wazzocks.’)

Yes, thanks to the 2014 hipster invasion it is possible to get a cup of single-origin, freshly roasted organic espresso east of the Pennines, but you’re much better off just ordering a good ol’brew.

Hipster Viking York